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Acme Tree and Landscape Service, Inc. is a successful well established West Side - Cincinnati, Ohio tree and landscaping company owned by the Griffin family since 1940, spanning four generations.



Water, Water, Water!

Summer is a time where trees are fully grown, so it’s easy to identify the ones that are burdened by heavy limbs or have become to close to houses, and need a good trimming. It’s also a good time to take down dead trees. Shrubs will need attention too, as most have bloomed and are ready for a trim to promote fuller growth next year. Also, don’t forget about your ash trees as they’ll need to be treated for Emerald Ash Borer.

Our Services

We at Acme Tree and Landscape Service, Inc. offer a variety of services for Southwestern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana homeowners, businesses and municipalities. We provide quality, environmentally friendly services at reasonable costs for our clients in our commitment to enhance the beauty and safety, and to preserve and protect the outdoor environment and our natural resources.


We specialize in tree, landscape and spray/fertilization services, and invite you to take a look at them more in depth in each of the individual sections to the left. After browsing and feel that you're ready to take the next step, give us a call at (513) 574-1234 and we will set you up with a free estimate and consultation.



Tidbit of the Day 
Proper pruning cuts are made at a node, the point at which one branch or twig attaches to another. In the spring of the year growth begins at buds, and twigs grow until a new node is formed. The length of a branch between nodes is called an internode.


2015 marked the Acme family's 75th year of service!



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